My Garden - April 2002

April 2002

April '02 Front Hill Side View
Side view, looking north. Azaleas at top of slope. Thrift next, then foxglove (which didn't make it), flax, a few daisy fleabane, then mexican heather (which did survive). Also in the process of cleaning up the wooded area behind.

May 2002

The back yard. I've been fighting Japanese stilt grass back here and was finally able to plant grass (fescue) last fall. Flowers/plants and landscaping the steep slope are next on my list of projects.

Back Yard - Left Side
Left side of back yard if facing house. Lots of shade to work with.

Back Yard - Center and Right Side
Center and right side of back yard. The tree line is city property.

Back Yard - Right Side
Right side of back yard. Here you can see the steep slope I have to work with. The green growing through this fall's leaf mulch is that awful Japanese stilt grass. Besides that I also have some clean up work to do under the deck.