A McClellan Saddle I Sold

These are pictures of a McClellan Saddle I sold not long ago.

Full side view

Front angled view of seat

Back angled view of seat

Underside of seat

Close-up of chich safe

The listing description was:

"1913/14 WWI McClellan 12 inch seat saddle (dated per brass stirrup bars as there are no date markings). Saddle last used 17 years ago, but has been kept it clean and conditioned. All brass hand polished. Markings found: Far (right) safe - R-S, B.F.T; Back of cantle, near (left) side - R.G; Back of cantle, center - a "fan" stamp w/ 7 sections; Under near (left) halter square - the number 5. Non-standard or imperfections not apparent in pictures: Safes attached with non-original leather in the 1874/85 style using both brass and steel rivets (possible field repair or experimentation?). No sheepskin on safes. Near side cinch ring 3-1/4" OD (safe is original size, but has 1-1/2" dia area of "pocking"). Stitching on near side, in front of stirrup bar, split for 3" between leather. Two joint "buttons" missing, one near side pommel, one far side cantle. Two black dye (shoe polish?) spots on seat, 1/2" long and 3/4" rough dia. Cantle quarter straps have light scaling at halter squares. Stirrup leathers (aluminum buckle, but reversed), fenders, and stirrups not original and of unknown age (>23 years). "

I hated to sell it, but... Anyway, thought I'd post the pictures and information should anyone else care to see.