An Exim 4.4x Config with Mailman

This is an example of an Exim 4.4x config file that I have been using on a server where both Apache and Mailman are running. Primarily it serves as a Mailman listserv, but some web pages also generate emails.

Latitude D620 Touchpad and Xorg

Config section, in xorg.conf, I'm using with the touchpad on a Dell Latitude D620 and Fedora 8, with commented out options I decided not to use:

Logitech LX7 Mouse and Xorg

The Logitech LX7 is a cordless mouse. I've been using it for about 4 months and rather enjoy it. It is recoginized immediately when plugged in (I use with Fedora Core 6, tested with Fedora Core 7), but needs a little tweaking as the default pointer movement is a little fast and you need to get the extra buttons recognized.

Wine, IE, and OWA Premium

I have IE 6 on Linux working fairly well with OWA, on an Exchange 2007 setup, in "Premium" mode now. There is a small bit of flicker, as it does its refreshing.

Dealing with Bad Bot Behavior

Before switching my site to use a CMS (content management system), I made use of hidden link and a PHP script to detect bad robot and email scraping behavior. At first I was playing safe and not automatically blocking anything that hit the hidden page, but later I decided to continue to only receive the email alerts and manually add the blocks to '.htaccess' when needed. Now that I've switched to a CMS, Drupal at this time, I wondered how I might continue to use this bot trap system.