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Shuttle SN68SG2

When a UPS dies is it time to buy/build a new computer? If that computer has survived through the expected life of two home-class UPSes, then yes in my case. I've built my own workstations since the 486 days and tended toward moderately high-end gaming/video rigs. But keeping a house up has eaten into the tinkering time I once had.

Latitude D620 Touchpad and Xorg

Config section, in xorg.conf, I'm using with the touchpad on a Dell Latitude D620 and Fedora 8, with commented out options I decided not to use:

Logitech LX7 Mouse and Xorg

The Logitech LX7 is a cordless mouse. I've been using it for about 4 months and rather enjoy it. It is recoginized immediately when plugged in (I use with Fedora Core 6, tested with Fedora Core 7), but needs a little tweaking as the default pointer movement is a little fast and you need to get the extra buttons recognized.