General Linux

Other Linux distributions, besides Fedora, or items that pertain to Linux in general and not a specific distribution.

Logitech LX7 Mouse and Xorg

The Logitech LX7 is a cordless mouse. I've been using it for about 4 months and rather enjoy it. It is recoginized immediately when plugged in (I use with Fedora Core 6, tested with Fedora Core 7), but needs a little tweaking as the default pointer movement is a little fast and you need to get the extra buttons recognized.

Setting Up an Email Server

Within these pages I attempt to document what I am doing to setup an Linux email server that gets user information from a Windows NT server. The main reason for doing this was to get rid of Microsoft Exchange. Not because Exchange wasn't working, though I have encountered problems with it, but because we were not using all of it's features and, being a small company, we really cannot afford it. This does not mean we will not be making the appropriate donations once we settle on the packages we will be using.

Linux Commands to Know

Most of you will be using X-Windows and various GUI tools or possibly even Webmin. However, as mentioned previously, my test computer is low on hardrive space so most everything was done via the command line. What follows are some very basic commands for manipulating files. There are much better resources out on the web than this. See the man pages for each command for more information as well.

Create, Copy, & Delete

cp [from] [to]
Copy files/directories from one location to another.