My Garden

...or what I do in my spare time

The "Front Hill"... I've been working on this hill for almost 4 years now. When I moved here it was nothing but weeds and too steep to consider sowing grass. I could have taken the easy way out and just done ground cover. However, "easy" and my name are rarely mentioned in the same sentence ;). So I began with a plan to terrace it somehow. Between that and weeding took almost 3 years. (Eventually, when I'm rich, I will replace the landscape timber with stone.) Finally it is in a state I can begin to post some pictures.

May 2001 | July/Sept 2001 | March 2002 | April/May 2002


Front Hill sketch

  • Slope: 7" rise to 12" run.
  • Soil: Left side to middle & part of right = red clay. Right side = sand(?) & clay.
  • Zone: 7 ("Southern Living" = Lower South)
  • Light: Left side to middle = full sun. Right side = part shade.
  • Exposure: East south-east
Location Botanical Name Common Name Date Planted Source Bloom Color
1A, 1C Cuphea hyssopifola Mexican Heather 7/21/01 Buy Sum Pur & Wht
2A (empty)          
2B Acer palmatum Japanese Maple 5/early/01 Buy n/a Red
2C Playtcodon grandiflours Ballon Flower 7/14/01 Buy Sum Blue
3A Linum perenne Flax 5/mid/01 Seed Spr-Fall Blue
3B, 4B (see list) (spring blubs) 10/mid/01 Bulb Spr W, R, B
3C (empty)          
4A, 4C Digitalis Foxglove 5/mid/01 Seed    
5A, 5B, 5C, Armera maritime(?) Thrift 5/mid/01 Buy Spr-Sum Wht & Pk

Spring Bulbs:

  • Snowdrop (galanthus nivalis)
  • Spanish Bluebell (scilla campanalata blue)
  • Snow Crocus (blue perl/prinus clans)
  • Hyacinth - Delft Blue, Carnegie, Woodstock
  • Grape Hyacinth (muscari)